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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sound systems and why they break so much or why the economy is crashing.

Ok so you just got a new set of speakers right? But why? Did the old one break all of a sudden? I bet they did. the same will happen with your ear buds and headphones.

why? simple. to make you buy more.

Stuff in the 70's was higher quality and cost more {back then at least} and was made out of better materials. this was cause the whole interindustry wasn't greed driven.

nowadays greed is king. things are made over seas cheaply and sold for stupid costs. because quality is low, the stuff breaks more and faster and then you have to go and buy more, which costs more. its a simple plan to make everyone but you richer.

When I mean everyone, I mean the CEO's and the broad of directors. not the suppliers, not the sellers, nor the store you get them at {although the store does get a good cut of that price}.

just the boss and the bosses boss gets richer.

and we the consumers have no choice in the matter. if we want the item we pay the cost. and when it breaks, we go and buy some more.

oh and just so you know, the guy getting richer is in China, cause he fired all of his American workers in his American factory's and decided to make product cheaply.

which is why the American dollar is week and the economy is crashing.

and the sad part, the fatcat money gurbers on capitol hill are getting paid to not care.

this problem spans all fields of commerce and all types of product. not just the sound interindustry but the textual and the auto and the computer and pretty much everything else. if its in the store, 50/50 chance its not made in the USA but in China, and its crap that is meant to break.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why the internet sucks right now, Or how I hate you, Internet "black holes".

Some times, just at random times of the day, large parts of the internet vanish. {vanish is a bad term for this, but lacking for a better one, it fits.} What happens is that data simply goes poof, and is never heard from again. As TG Daily reported, these internet "Black Holes" happen randomly and can not be predicted.

What happens really is that the data packet just gets lost and is never found. University of Washington(UW)launched a tracking program to measure and count these holes, but it itself seems to be in one at the time of this posting.{the page wont load no matter what I do}


What does this have to do with me you ask? When a website goes down, a tech gets called. when that tech explains that the site isn't down, but why people cant get to it, the tech is told to "fix it". This is something that can't be "fixed" like other site problems. This is a global problem and can only be fixed by the big ISP's.
In fact, they are the only ones that can fix it.
But most people don't get that, and its really getting to be a problem.

At this very moment, the sites that I am trying to get to that have more info and get not loading, but an hour ago, they were.

My new ipod shuffle 4th generation.

Just traded in my old iPod shuffle(3rd gen) for a new one (4th gen, above). the new one is a lot smaller and has a tiny clip that doesn't feel like it can grip anything, But it can greatly. 
The plus side, its bigger on the inside (3rd gen was 1gb, 4th gen is 2gb) and it has voice over, which tells me the track name and batt. stats whenever I press the button. But, the voice over really struggles with Japanese (even simple) then again, its trying to say japanese words in english, I might switch the voice over language to japanese and see if that is better. 
But here's something Interesting, the ear-phone it came with sound better than the noise blocking ones I got from japan. now if I can just keep the apple ones from falling out of my ear.... which is not working....( I have small ear openings).
 any way, its much better that the old one. I picked great. 

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