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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sound systems and why they break so much or why the economy is crashing.

Ok so you just got a new set of speakers right? But why? Did the old one break all of a sudden? I bet they did. the same will happen with your ear buds and headphones.

why? simple. to make you buy more.

Stuff in the 70's was higher quality and cost more {back then at least} and was made out of better materials. this was cause the whole interindustry wasn't greed driven.

nowadays greed is king. things are made over seas cheaply and sold for stupid costs. because quality is low, the stuff breaks more and faster and then you have to go and buy more, which costs more. its a simple plan to make everyone but you richer.

When I mean everyone, I mean the CEO's and the broad of directors. not the suppliers, not the sellers, nor the store you get them at {although the store does get a good cut of that price}.

just the boss and the bosses boss gets richer.

and we the consumers have no choice in the matter. if we want the item we pay the cost. and when it breaks, we go and buy some more.

oh and just so you know, the guy getting richer is in China, cause he fired all of his American workers in his American factory's and decided to make product cheaply.

which is why the American dollar is week and the economy is crashing.

and the sad part, the fatcat money gurbers on capitol hill are getting paid to not care.

this problem spans all fields of commerce and all types of product. not just the sound interindustry but the textual and the auto and the computer and pretty much everything else. if its in the store, 50/50 chance its not made in the USA but in China, and its crap that is meant to break.

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