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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hey #MrRobot, do fuck off and never be on TV again.

good job , now everyone is going to think that computer are paranoid schizos thanks to your bullshit show . and thats not how computers work, nor is that how the banking system works. is 100% inaccurate bullshit.

oh and bonus, reads like a love child of /g/ and /x/, "ohh super creepy computers are run by invisible party's unknown and are taking over the world via our money"

do please fuck off.

fucking hell, because of  now real life computer techs are going to be thought of as paranoid schizos with hero complexes. not like we don't have enough to deal with, now we have to deal with normal people thinking that I.T. people can hack banks and steal there money.

next time im out fixing someones computer i'm going to have to deal all kinds of bullshit.

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