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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why the internet sucks right now, Or how I hate you, Internet "black holes".

Some times, just at random times of the day, large parts of the internet vanish. {vanish is a bad term for this, but lacking for a better one, it fits.} What happens is that data simply goes poof, and is never heard from again. As TG Daily reported, these internet "Black Holes" happen randomly and can not be predicted.

What happens really is that the data packet just gets lost and is never found. University of Washington(UW)launched a tracking program to measure and count these holes, but it itself seems to be in one at the time of this posting.{the page wont load no matter what I do}


What does this have to do with me you ask? When a website goes down, a tech gets called. when that tech explains that the site isn't down, but why people cant get to it, the tech is told to "fix it". This is something that can't be "fixed" like other site problems. This is a global problem and can only be fixed by the big ISP's.
In fact, they are the only ones that can fix it.
But most people don't get that, and its really getting to be a problem.

At this very moment, the sites that I am trying to get to that have more info and get not loading, but an hour ago, they were.

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